Safe, Eco-Friendly Backyard Mosquito Preventer

Put Away the Bug Spray and End Your Frustration with Effective, Long-Lasting Backyard Mosquito Control.

Although your backyard is open to nature, having it overrun with mosquitoes is unpleasant and unhealthy. Wright Landscape Services has partnered with GreenStrike to develop a reliable, non-intrusive mosquito control system.

Where is this service available?

Our mosquito control services are currently available in the following areas. If you are located in an area outside the provided service areas, please call and we will determine if we can fit you in.

Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, New Dundee, New Hamburg, St Agatha, Heidelburg, Linwood, Wallentstein, Floradale, Elmira, West Montrose, Alma, Arthur, Belwood Lake, Elora, Fergus, Moorefield, Conestogo Lake, Guelph Lake, Puslinch Lake, and points in between.

Kitchener Map

Muskoka in the following areas: Go Home Lake Rd, Moon River Rd, Silver Sand Lake, Bala, Port Carling, Mactier, Healy Lake Rd, Hamer Lake, Silver Lake, Rosseau, Turtle Lake Rd, Horseshoe Lake, Rankin Lake, Oastler Lake, Parry Sound, Lake Joseph from Grays Rd at the North around the west side to Bass Lake and Port Sandfield, and points in between.

Muskoka Map

Zero-Hatch Mosquito Preventer Technology is the Difference.

The reason Wright Landscape Services chooses to use the Green Strike mosquito preventer is due to its patented zero-hatch technology.

Backyard mosquito control in Kitchener-Waterloo

Zero-hatch technology simulates the ideal, pond-like conditions for mosquito breeding within the unit.

  • Female mosquitoes, attracted by artificial lures, lay their eggs inside the unit.
  • Eggs are neutralized before they hatch into biting mosquitoes.
  • Artificial and natural lures are recycled in the unit to attract additional mosquitoes.

All the baiting and trapping of mosquitoes takes place inside the preventer; leaving you totally free to enjoy your outdoor living spaces in peace and comfort.

Love your backyard? Hate sharing it with mosquitoes? Put an end to swatting, spraying, and bites with backyard mosquito control.