Award-Winning Weed Control & Fertilizer Programs Kitchener Homeowners Can Count On

Your lawn is a major part of your curb appeal. Compliment your home with lush green grass that commands attention without spending large amounts of time working in your yard.

Weed Control & Fertilizer Programs.

Wright Landscape Services offers you peace of mind with the choice of two season long programs that are tailored to accommodate any budget and expectations. Signing up for a program is easy. Simply call us or request a free estimate to determine the best service program for you.

Basic Program Full Service
Our partial management program provides essential services required to keep lawns looking their best. It focuses on developing healthy active root growth to allow lawns to “crowd out” weeds and tolerate some insect activity.

Program includes:

  • 6 visits (every 4-6 weeks) + 1 aeration.
  • 5 seasonal fertilizers.
  • Summer Solution Application* Prices vary according to property size.
Spring through late fall, this is our highest level of protection and most comprehensive service program available. It is all inclusive, with no hidden costs or extra charges for dealing with any typical problems that arise throughout the season.

Program includes:

  • 6 visits (every 4-6 weeks) + 1 aeration.
  • Lawn inspection on each visit.
  • 5 seasonal fertilizations.
  • Weed management as required.
  • Insect checks and management as required* Prices vary according to property size.
Individual Services
Select one or more of our individual services to suit your needs or add to one of our existing programs.
  • Fertilizer (spring, summer, fall).
  • Core Aeration.
  • Fiesta Weed Application.
  • Summer Insect Management.
  • Grub Treatment.
  • Crane fly Treatment.
  • Organic Turf Builder*.
  • Trees/Shrubs.


To achieve a great-looking yard, you must ensure that your grass has the nutrients required for healthy growth. Our slow release granular fertilizer will nourish your grass, promoting weed, drought and insect resistance.

Core Aeration.

Core aeration reduces compaction, allowing air and moisture to reach the root. Aeration is an important step in your maintenance activities to ensure the optimal health of your turf. Our trained technicians will perform this service for you, saving your time and effort, and giving you a yard that radiates vitality.

Weed Control.

If dandelions and other broadleaf weeds are killing your curb appeal, over time, our Fiesta Weed Application can help you salvage an infested lawn. Within as little as 48 hours, you will see results.

Chinch Bug and Grub Management.

If left unchecked, insects can devastate your lawn. Wright can inspect your lawn for insects, and then help to manage the stubborn pests. We help you to minimize the impact that insects can have on your lawn using natural treatments such as nematodes to manage grubs and plant extracts to help turf resist the effects of chinch bugs.

Organic Turf Builder Lawn Renovation – an Alternative to Slit Seeding.

Our Turf Builder is a process that includes aerating your lawn, spreading premium grass seed, and then applying pelletized organic compost and a seed starter fertilizer. By increasing its drought resistance and improving soil health, your lawn will look great throughout the season. When done at the appropriate time, you can see results quickly, but only if you do your part and water, water, water!!!

Tree and Shrub Services.

Your trees will remain an attractive and valuable component of your property with our disease and insect prevention, and pruning services.

Make sure your lawn stands out for the right reasons. Contact us for weed control & fertilizer programs in Kitchener-Waterloo.