Retaining Walls Take Gardens from Boring to Beautiful

Retaining Walls When you purchased your home, you were told your backyard was flat. Now you’ve moved in and you notice a grade issue that is preventing you from using your space the way you had envisioned. A retaining wall is a simple solution to your problem. It allows you to transform a sloping yard, to a more functional outdoor space. When combined with planting, retaining walls will blend seamlessly with your gorgeous landscape. If you’ve had experience with landscape walls failing you no longer need to worry. You can be confident that Wright Landscape Services will build long-lasting retaining walls that are carefully designed and built with proper drainage, giving you results with staying power.

An Outdoor Living Space your Neighbours Will Covet


  • RetainingwallImprove your curb appeal
  • Enhance and soften with planting
  • Select from armour stone or the latest in segmented concrete systems
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Enjoy your low maintenance landscaping

Define your outdoor space

You can create gorgeous functionality in your backyard by using retaining walls to create usable spaces. Imagine building a small patio for your bistro set into a slope on your property, or creating a nook for a lounge chair in the middle of your garden. Each little detail is an expression of your personal style, and your options are endless. Contact us to discuss how you can use retaining walls to enhance your property’s landscape.

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