Backyard Patio Design & Installation

Patios Extend your living area into your backyard by introducing patios into your landscaping. Increase the use of your outdoor space by improving its functionality, whether that is space for dining and entertaining your friends, or an active play area for your kids.

Create a Space That You’ll Love Using:

Create Backyard Patio Designs that Express Your Style

Imagine entertaining your friends on your gorgeous stone patio, created specifically to accentuate your landscape and furniture. If you enjoy spending your leisure time at home, you can even create an outdoor lounging space- your own private haven for relaxation and fresh air. Use planting around your patios to separate your dining area from your lounging area and your children’s active play space.

Wright’s high quality materials can bring the look and feel of your interior decorating to your outdoor living space. You’ve already made a large investment in your property, so why not tailor it to fit your precise needs?

Benefits of Interlocking

  • you can customize your colour and pattern
  • highly durable, and will not expand and crack or spall as a result of cold climates
  • contrary to popular belief, when installed properly, weeds and grass will not grow in paver joints
  • adds style and increases the value of your home

Benefits of Stone

  • natural appearance
  • unique variation between stones creates a look that is your own
  • you can achieve a formal or informal look
  • extremely durable

Patios Impress your Guests with Your Beautiful Backyard Patio

Having a gorgeous dining and entertaining area in your backyard will make summers more enjoyable. Socialize with friends and family on your custom created patio, and enjoy the unique appearance Wright can provide when we design, build, maintain, and grow your landscape. Your visitors will want a beautiful backyard patio of their own.

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