Landscape Design Services that Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

Landscape Design Whether your goal is increased privacy, a tranquil oasis, or enhanced curb appeal, our landscape design services can help you get the most of your outdoor living space. We’ll work with you to transform the appearance and functionality of your property by designing and building: retaining walls, interlock and natural stone walkways and water features, while using the most appropriate plants to achieve your dream landscape.

Our design and build projects include:

It all starts with your ideas

Landscape Design It all starts with your ideas. Our landscape architect creates a conceptual sketch of your complete project and works closely with you to ensure we’ve captured the look and feel that you envision. Your new, elegant, low-maintenance yard will command the attention of your friends, neighbours, and guests, while adding to your property’s value. We specialize in softening the hard areas of your landscape, hiding unwanted views, and creating visual harmony through the repetition of colour, texture, and balance.

Our team’s expert hands-on experience guarantees solutions to meet your design challenges. Our consultation design process ensures that your vision for your property is brought to life.

Design Process


The first step we take in developing a landscape plan is interviewing you in order to gather information about your home, lifestyle and understand how you want to use your outdoor spaces. We establish what your plant and material preferences are, along with your budget. These are the critical first elements of identifying and tailoring the scope of your project.


Before ‘putting pen to paper’ we take the time to visit the site to determine what landscape features exist. We look at the views to and from the site and understand how your privacy is affected by your neighbours. Another consideration is traffic flow through the site, where water drains from and irrigation requirements for the site.


The vision of your project unfolds in this next phase where we develop an overall layout of your project and work through different concepts to achieve the best possible design for you. If requested, a design estimate can be prepared at this time to help you clearly understand the budget.


We meet with you, marker in hand, to review the Conceptual Design and to discuss plant and material types. We will make revisions with your input, which can sometimes change the entire direction of the plan. We listen.


After further revisions to the Conceptual Design based on your comments, the master plan emerges. We specify the plants and materials that will go into the project and label them so that you understand what we are describing. If requested, we will prepare a plant care package along with pictures of all the plant types in the project.


During this final phase of the design process, we meet with you to present the complete Master Plan. We walk you through the project and explain all the possible uses of it upon completion. We describe in detail, what the materials and plants look like and how they will mature over time. We discuss building the project and whether phasing of the project is required.


Once all elements are approved in the Final Design Meeting, we develop a build plan and quote each phase as a project. The quote is then typically broken into work areas or phases with lump sum pricing for each area. All or part of the project can be built by us, or another option is to have the project broken into components that are built by you with us providing the heavy lifting.

You could soon be relaxing or entertaining in your own private garden oasis.

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