Designing and Planting Your Luxurious Garden

Garden Design and Planting Services in KWRegardless of how beautiful your home is, if your garden looks worn and weak, your overall property can look tired. Planting is an important component of landscaping that should not be neglected. It will highlight your landscape investments and your outdoor living space, accentuating the best features and giving you a garden that you will long to spend time in.

Say goodbye to overgrown garden beds and take pleasure in your new calming oasis.

With our garden design and planting services, you can:

  • Increase your privacy
  • Save time with decreased maintenance requirements
  • Enhance your curb appeal
  • Achieve balance in size, colour, and texture
  • Create a haven for relaxing outdoor living


Your back and front yards are a valuable extension of your living space. You want to use them to their fullest potential, but you don’t want to feel like you are in a fish bowl with all of your neighbours looking into your yard. The right trees, shrubs and plants can provide you the privacy to enjoy your space peacefully.

Low Maintenance

Garden Design and Planting You want to spend your time appreciating your outdoor property, not tending to it. Let our landscape architect help you select the plants that are best suited to your location and the amount of care you’re able to provide.

Exceptional Curb Appeal

Your property will look vibrant and lively with the right choice of shrubs and flowers. A luxurious garden filled with a variety of colours and textures will frame your home and accentuate your landscaping. You will achieve incredible results when you work with Wright to design, build, maintain and grow your surroundings.

Contact us to discuss garden design and planting services, and revel in the beauty of your outdoor living areas.

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