Download Your FREE 12 Month Grass Cutting Calendar


Print it. Save it. Always know what’s going on with your lawn and what’s coming next.

All year long, your grass is exposed to the best – and worst – Kitchener-Waterloo can throw at it:

  • Scorching hot weather
  • Frigid temperatures
  • Heavy rain (or no rain at all)
  • Thick snow
  • Ice, frost, and wind

With the 12 Month Grass Cutting & Calendar, you’ll can keep your lawn healthy & strong 24/7/365.

What’s inside?

This FREE guide breaks down, month-by-month:

  • What your grass is currently experiencing
  • What you should do now
  • What you should prepare to do next
  • And it’s all presented in a convenient, easy-to-read format you can refer to anytime.


12 Month Grass Cutting Calendar

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