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How paths and walkways can give your home a facelift

 Paths and walkways primarily serve to guide people from one place to another, and they connect spaces. But they can also provide a welcoming aesthetic quality, in the materials used and the surrounding landscape. Paths and walkways also help to keep your lawn looking healthy by protecting it from foot traffic.

Consider the function of your pathway when planning its design. If you just need to get from point A to point B, then a straight line will probably serve the purpose. If, however, you are designing your path around gardens and foliage, you might consider a curved pathway for more scenic strolling.

The materials used in paths and walkways can also make a big difference in function and appearance. It’s important to consider your home’s architecture and colour scheme when designing your pathway. One option is to choose a formal building material like brick or stone, which are durable and incorporate straight clean lines. Pavers are a cheaper alternative to stone as they are man-made to imitate the look of natural stone. Concrete is another great alternative as it’s durable, low maintenance and it can protect your foundation. Another option would be something more informal like bluestone, flagstone, brownstone, or limestone. These materials are generally used in grass or gravel and offer more of a stepping-stone look and feel.

Finally, you will want to consider the surrounding plants and foliage for your pathway. It’s a nice idea to add fragrant plants like roses or lavender to give visitors a welcoming scent. Weigh your options, as you might be less interested in attracting bees and other insects. Either way, there are plenty of plant and flower varieties you can line your walkway with to add visual appeal.

And don’t forget about our furry friends. If you’re a dog owner, a pathway is a great way to protect your landscaping from doggy destruction. Some dog breeds love to patrol their territory, and a pathway encourages that behaviour without paws stomping all over the garden. Patio pavers, brick, mulch or pebbles are great options – materials should be easy to walk on and not get too hot for a dog’s paw pads.

It’s tempting to go down the DIY route for a new path or walkway, but for the average joe it makes more sense to get some assistance and ensure the job is done properly by a professional. Whether you’re looking for a path or walkway that’s aesthetic or functional, formal or informal, Wright Landscape Services has you covered. If you’re wondering about the cost, use our handy tool to ballpark your price. Or you can book a free consultation to get a better idea of your ideal design.


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