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Invasive Pests & Plants

Broadleaved Weed Suppression

By Wright Landscape / May 16, 2013 / Comments Off on Broadleaved Weed Suppression

Wright Landscape Services can give you piece of mind that your property is being well cared for. In 2010, we introduced Fiesta, an eco-friendly, iron-based product for broadleaved weed suppression.  Research out of the Guelph University has shown that two applications, within a one month interval, results in significantly less weeds in the lawn. Our … Continue reading Broadleaved Weed Suppression

Vole Tunneling

By Wright Landscape / April 15, 2013 / Comments Off on Vole Tunneling

The snow has gone but you have noticed tunneling in areas where the snow was deepest. How do you go about fixing this – Lightly rake and tamp down the affected tunneling areas. Add seed when the outside temperature stays above freezing, usually mid May. If the affected area is large, consider having Wrights seed … Continue reading Vole Tunneling


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