Your Spring Landscape Chore Checklist

Spring is in full swing, and that means it’s time to get your garden and patio in shape for the rest of spring, summer and the fall.

And because it was a particularly harsh winter and snow, your landscaping may require some extra work to get it back to looking its best.

We have your spring chore checklist covered

Unsure where to start?

No worries, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a helpful checklist of four common spring landscaping tasks for you to follow – and why each task is important.

Clean the gutters on the house

Debris (such as branches, twigs, dirt and leaves) can clog up your downspouts and cause water damage to your landscape where the gutters overflow. Cleaning them keeps water flowing and prevents it from pooling or accumulating.

If you’re uncomfortable climbing a ladder and working at heights, then don’t do it. Let us do it for you.

Prune low branches on trees

Removing low branches from trees has multiple benefits:

  • Health: Removing dead and damaged branches can reduce the spread of decay in you tree and may add years to its life.
  • Safety: Proper pruning prevents branches from falling on sidewalks or driveways during windy or stormy conditions
  • Beauty: Removing unsightly branches maintains the natural shape and beauty of your tree, as misplaced branches can influence how your tree grows

Don’t go around hacking everything in sight – you may end up removing a healthy branch by accident and cause harm to an otherwise healthy tree.

Schedule a professional landscape service provider who can properly identify unhealthy branches and can remove them safely to come and visit your property.

Fertilize your lawn

Feed your lawn with fertlizer

The winter can do quite a number on your lawn – especially its roots. And the spring and summer can impact your lawn’s health due to heat, mowing and foot traffic.

Fertilizing your grass in spring is the perfect way to get your lawn to regenerate its root system below while giving it the strength needed up top to handle summer conditions.

There are two primary spring fertilizing periods for your lawn:

  • Early spring (February to April): Your lawn will be hungry after the winter; feeding it now helps strengthen its roots and gives it a good start.
  • Late spring (April to June): All the energy your grass has stored up is being used to grow (and fight off weed growth), so fertilizing it now provides a much-needed boost.

If you over or under fertilize your lawn, though, you may end up burning it or starving it. So it’s key to give your grass the right amount of fertilizer.

Fortunately, we’re experts at lawn care, and we’d be happy to come over and feed your lawn for you.

Plant your perennials, trees and shrubs

  • Perennials: Planting perennials in the spring is ideal because the conditions are perfect for perennials to grow and thrive; warming soil, sunshine, long days, moist ground, and regular rain.
  • Trees: Spring planting enables your trees to take root earlier, gives them more time to grow and takes advantage of the moist and fertile conditions of springtime soil.
  • Shrubs: Many shrubs flower through the late spring and summer. Getting your shrubs in the ground early will allow you to enjoy the addition of colour to you yard for the whole season.

Need help getting through your list?

All you have to do is contact us at Wright Landscape Services. We’ll be happy to come on over and provide whatever assistance we can.


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