White Grubs Damaging To Your Lawn

White grubs turn into flying beetles in June, relay eggs and may become a problem in the lawn. They will feed on the roots of lawns and cause brown irregular shaped patches in the once green grass. Secondary damage may be caused when raccoons or skunks dig up the lawn in spring and/or fall, feeding on the grubs.

Since the pesticide ban has been in place, we can no longer treat for grubs the standard way. Use of Nematodes (microscopic parasites which are a natural enemy of the white grub) are applied in late August into September as a spray with a 50% efficacy. The lawn must be watered after the application for 3 days to keep the nematodes alive. If the lawn is allowed to dry the application will have no effect on the grubs.
Moisture is needed when grubs/adults are flying in June – water reduces egg laying.

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