What to Look for in a Snow Removal Contract

Snow Removal Contract When it’s time to select a snow removal service for your own home or business, you want to be sure you choose the service provider who offers the best service options for your specific needs – and that the contract you sign spells out all the included services and responsibilities.

To help you enjoy a winter of worry-free snow removal service, here’s a quick rundown of two key areas to consider when reviewing contracts from different snow removal providers:


Liability Your contract should spell out who is legally (and therefore, financially) responsible for specific incidents or accidents such as potential property damage or injury during the course of service. In most contracts, both the owner and the contractor share responsibility, and the owner will only be held harmless when the contractor has failed to perform his duties. Check to ensure the contractor you select carries liability insurance and be sure to review any liability limits for property damage and personal injury. You should ask for evidence that the service provider is in compliance with workers’ compensation laws.

Also be aware that most ice melting products contain substances salt or chemicals that can be caustic or corrosive when they come in contact with certain surfaces or plants, many companies provide a separate section or completely separate document regarding the use of those agents.

Extent of service

Extent of service In this section, obviously, your goal is to make sure the level of service you’ll be getting is the level you need and want. Service levels can vary significantly among companies, so take time to review and ask about any areas that seem unclear. Because of these variations, it can be difficult to compare companies effectively.

Well-written contracts will specify the depth of snow or amount of precipitation that will trigger a visit from the contractor, which is a good starting point for comparison. Most contracts also specify the general time period by which snow removal will have occurred – for instance, within three hours of the accumulation of 2 inches of snow. In addition, most contracts feature a section that defines or spells out what is included in specific services, including shoveling and plowing or pushing.

Although these two elements of a snow removal contract seem pretty straightforward, you might be surprised by how much variation exists among service providers, so be sure to read carefully. Landscape Ontario’s Snow Sector group has worked over the last 10 years to develop a comprehensive contract that covers these and other important elements so you know exactly what you’re getting before you sign. Wright Landscape Services has been a member of Landscape Ontario for over 40 years and strives to use and implement best practices defined by the industry.

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