What to look for in a Lawn Maintenance Contract

What to look for in a lawn maintenance contract

Your lawn maintenance contract plays a critical role in ensuring you feel confident that your lawn will be cared for properly throughout the season, so taking some time to check out a few key elements can help provide you with a clearer understanding of what is and is not included by your lawn maintenance provider. Here are some of the most important areas to consider:

    • What types of services are included? This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s surprising how many people make assumptions about what their lawn care service will provide, only to learn midseason that they were mistaken. Take the time to actually review the services portion of your contract, noting the number of times specific services are performed as well as any products that are listed (for instance, fertilizers or pest control products). This is the time to inquire about additional services that might not be included in a standard contract – for instance, aerating, dethatching or pest and disease control.

What to look for in a lawn maintenance contract

    • What type of insurance do they have? Make sure the contract details responsibilities for damages – do you pay or does the landscaper? That includes personal injury that may occur during work as well as property damage. Most professional companies have plenty of liability and worker compensation coverage, but never assume the business caries insurance. Always ask about the liability limits for both property damage and physical injury. Ask for evidence of coverage your lawn maintenance company claims to have and consider checking its business license number online to make sure they’re properly licensed. Many people feel uncomfortable asking for proof of insurance, but if the company does not have insurance or lacks adequate coverage, you could end up bearing a significant financial burden. So get over your feelings of awkwardness and protect yourself by requesting proof of coverage
    • Does it offer a guarantee? A professional lawn care company will be dedicated to providing great customer service, but remember that extreme weather like prolonged periods of rain or extended droughts and excessive heat or cold have a powerful effect on your lawn and its health. As a result, experienced lawn companies know that it’s impossible to provide an ironclad guarantee on results. Instead, ask about the availability of corrective applications or services if you aren’t satisfied with a specific result.

What to look for in a lawn maintenance contract

  • Are there any special caveats, fees or exceptions? For instance, are you charged a fee if you cancel service or change service plans midseason? Is there a fee if you cancel a service within a specific time limit – within 24 hours of the scheduled service, for example? Does the contract specify that pesticide applicators will have undergone training or received certification to apply those pesticides? Does the contract allow for special services at an additional fee, like performing a specific type of service or using a special product not typically included in the standard contract? Some companies may clearly spell out services that are not included in a standard contract – basic pest control may be included while grub control is not.

Whether you’re considering a contract for lawn care or any other type of service, the same advice holds true. Read everything thoroughly before you sign, and if you’re not sure about something, ask. Taking these simple precautions will avoid surprises and help ensure you get the lawn care you want and expect all season long.

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