What to expect from a professional lawn maintenance provider

professional lawn-maintenance providerWarm weather will soon be here, and that means it’s time to choose a lawn maintenance provider for your home or business.kahovka-service

Too early, you say? Not at all – the decision of which company to hire is one that takes some time. After all, your property is a financial investment, and it’s also an investment in your own comfort and image. Selecting the best professional lawn care provider helps make sure you can enjoy the lazy, hazy days of summer without worrying about how your lawn is faring. Here’s what you can expect from a truly professional company:

Professional lawn companies understand your lawn and landscape; in fact, their company’s success depends on that kind of in-depth knowledge. They can help customers identify what’s wrong with your lawn or trees and develop a proactive plan of maintenance that will have a your landscape looking its best all season long. And they can also spot problems in their earliest stages when they’re most treatable, like early signs of fungus or pest infestation. They’re experienced in providing solutions that are tailored to meet each client’s lawn care needs, and that means customers can rest easy, knowing their image and the investment it represents are in good, dependable hands.

EquipmentProbably the second most important factor, seasonal companies and people who decide to earn some side income during the summer months typically don’t have the proper equipment to get the job done and get it done right. Using inferior equipment produces inferior results and worse, it can even damage your lawn. Mowers with dull blades, for instance, can rip and tear tender grass shoots, causing systemic damage that can make it easier for fungus and insects to take hold. Likewise, trying to “make do” by using a tool to complete a task it just wasn’t designed for is just not professional.

Top-of-the-line, high-quality equipment is important, and so is knowing how to use that equipment. Professional lawn maintenance companies take the time to train their employees how to use equipment properly and how to spot equipment issues so problems with equipment don’t result in delays for customers or damage to therir landscape. In addition to training in equipment, employees will also be thoroughly trained in lawn care techniques and methods that can help ensure your lawn is as healthy as possible.

Established, professional companies understand that customer needs may change – from year to year and even throughout the season. The addition of new lawn features, the need for expanded or extended lawn care and other factors can all come into play, and a lawn care company with a reputation of great customer service is able to handle special requests with no problem. And because their employees are well trained in multiple aspects of lawn care, that means they can respond quickly to a client’s new and evolving needs and even anticipate needs before they arise.

Homeowners often overlook this one critical factor, but if your lawn maintenance provider doesn’t have their own insurance coverage, injuries or property damage that occur while caring for your lawn could end up becoming your financial responsibility. Professional companies protect their workers, their equipment and their clients by providing liability, WSIB and other types of insurance that provide everyone with much-appreciated peace of mind.

It may still feel like winter, but remember: There are a lot of lawns out there and only so many top lawn care providers to go around. The sooner you make plans for your own lawn’s care, the sooner you’ll be able to focus on other important decisions of summer – like where to put that new barbecue pit you’ve been eyeing.

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