Why we want to plan your backyard waterfall nice and early

Despite winter seeming endless, the time to plan your backyard waterfall and other landscape architect projects is now. Waiting until the grass is turning green and the ground is dry enough for planting may end in frustration as spring is the busiest time for landscape designers and Wright Landscape Services books up very early in the year. There are many benefits to booking early, not the least of which is planning the perfect oasis for the warmer weather to come will help you get through this last part of winter.

Take the time you need

Planning your perfect outdoor space takes considerable time and effort. Wright Landscape Services interviews you to learn the ideas you have to get the most enjoyment from your property and to get a feel for how you will best use your new space. We will discuss the types of vegetation you would like, materials you want used in the project, the water feature you are thinking of and of course, the budget you wish to work with. With all of this in mind our landscape architect will do a site analysis to determine all of the technical details that need to be covered and then the work will begin on your actual design.

Booking early will provide the time necessary to show you the detailed plan that has been worked up for your property based on the input we obtained from you in the planning stage. We like to show you every detail so you have time to picture how it will look and make any changes you feel are necessary. Leaving yourself some time to review the details will ensure that your retreat is everything you imagined. The more time and thought that is invested in your project, the happier you will be with the outcome.

Plan for the big projects now

While any landscaping project requires ample time and consideration, waterfall projects have their own unique set of challenges that must be addressed before the build can begin. The ground has to be analyzed to determine what type of support for your waterfall is best and the existing grading studied to ensure it is not built in a low spot that collects water. The grade must also be calculated for proper drainage with the rest of your landscape project so you do not cause problems for your neighbours. Finally, we need your vision or ideas so we create the water feature you picture when you close your eyes and imagine yourself enjoying your new backyard.

If you’re ready to take your yard from blah to bliss, we’d love to help!

Download our our backyard design checklist and start planning the backyard of your dreams! 

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