Want A Better Lawn? Use Lime

After months of cold and wet weather, your lawn could greatly benefit from some TLC.

The best natural treatment for lawns after being exposed to a lot of wet conditions is an acidic property like lime.

What Does Lime Do?

When your lawn is full of weeds and patches of yellow grass, it is a sign that your pH balance is out of order.

The best thing to do when you notice symptoms like this is to correct the problem by adding lime to your lawn.

Lime works to restore depleted nutrients and repair the damage, returning your grass to a lush green oasis.

In addition to repairing your lawn, lime also has other helpful features:

  • Adds calcium and magnesium to soil, which preserve a lawn’s colour and protects from heat, drought, and wear-and-tear
  • Helps get rid of damaging nutrients that reduce plant growth
  • Nourishes beneficial bacteria in soil

When Should You Lime Your Lawn?

The best time to use a lime treatment on your lawn is the spring or fall, right after or before all the wettest, coldest months of the year.

Especially living in Canada, your lawn is covered in snow for the winter months and after all that snow melts, your lawn is left drowning in water.

However, be cautious not to spread lime on your lawn when it is dry, wilted, or soggy.

If you need assistance choosing the right time to spread lime on your lawn, contact us and speak with one of our lawn care experts.

How To Lime Your Yard

It may seem simple, but there are a few things to consider before liming your lawn.

  1. Choose the right lime type – There are several types of lime, and if you are stumped as to which one is best, contact your Wright Landscape expert for advice.
  2. Decide on your application – Depending on which type of lime you choose, you can use a drop-style or rotary spreader. Ask your Wright Landscape professional which application is preferred or recommended.
  3. Water lightly – This helps your soil absorb the lime, so it’s important!

Ready For A Better Lawn?

Contact us for a quote to find out how organic lawn care makes your yard – and local environment – greener.

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