Want a Beautiful Yard? Do These Seven Things.

Tired of looking at your brown, dull and worn out yard landscaping caused by this past winter?

Just do these seven tasks to make your yard truly blossom this spring.

Better yet, have us do them for you.

Pruning shears1. Prune trees, shrubs and bushes

It isn’t fun, but it’s very necessary and effective too.

Go around your residential property and trim any dead limbs, leaves or branches from any plants which need it.

Doing this accomplishes a few things which will help your landscaping:

  • It stops disease and decay from spreading to healthy areas of the plant
  • It promotes and stimulates new, healthy growth
  • It brings the natural look and shape back to your shrubbery

2. Aerate your lawn

During the winter, the soil underneath your grass and plants has become old and compacted.

Water, air and nutrients can’t flow freely to the roots. This will keep your lawn and garden from growing properly.

Aeration is a vital component of lawn care.

And while you’re (or we’re) at it, remove any dead leaves, debris and unwanted mulch from your garden too.

This will immediately improve the health of your soil and give your landscaping a kickstart towards strong growth.

3. Get rid of dead annuals

In order to plant fresh annuals, you’ll need to remove dead annuals from your gardens and planting areas.

It’s easy. All it takes is going around your garden and pulling out the dead annuals by hand.

It can be even easier by having a team from Wright Landscape Services pull them out for you.

Backyard leaves4. Clear debris from the yard

Have lots of trees on your property?

Then you probably have lots of dead leaves and branches on it.

Just like in autumn, the best way to get rid of fallen leaves is to give your lawn (and other outdoor living spaces which are covered) a quick rake, which will:

  • Instantly make your lawn look better
  • Make it easier for new grass to grow (since it won’t be buried under heavy, wet leaves)

During raking, make sure to remove any large stones which can get in the way while grass cutting.

Yard mulch5. Put down fresh mulch

Your mulch may be losing its colour, old, broken down or just blown away.

Whatever the case, now is the perfect time to spread a thick layer of new mulch wherever your landscape design needs it.

A fresh spring bed of mulch helps your soil stay moist while protecting it from getting sunburned (really!).

6. Inspect your irrigation/sprinkler system

Getting your landscaping healthy in spring – and keeping it that way through the summer and fall – is to properly water it on a regular basis.

If you have a sprinkler system installed in your home or commercial landscape design, you’ll need to mobdro have it checked before activating it.

Two things you should look for are:

  • Making sure the sprinkler heads are clear and pointing in the right direction
  • Having a good drainage system to avoid creating pools of standing water



7. Plan your landscaping projects

Once your property is cleaned up, you’ll have a better sense of what you want to do with it.

A clear yard can tell you what’s really possible.

We do the work, you enjoy the results

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