Planting New Grass? Don’t Wait Until Spring

As the summer winds down, and thoughts of fall and winter pop up into your mind, you may start to think about your lawn and preparing it for the next year.

Haven’t thought about that, yet? You should!

Most people wait until the spring to plant new grass – but this is a mistake!

Whether you are…

  • Seeding a new lawn
  • Repairing rough spots
  • Renewing existing turf by overseeding

…the fall is the best time to plant new grass seed.

Why you should plant new grass in the fall

Spring is the time for planting new blooms, so it must be the right time to plant new grass, right?


In early fall, the soil is still warm from months of summer sun – perfect conditions for new grass seed.

Plus, the combination of warm soil and cool air encourages faster germination and a solid, steady lawn growth.

In the early germination process, it’s key to prevent grass seeds from drying out. That’s why fall is a great time to plant, because the increase in precipitation and decrease in temperature aid in the health of the soil and seeds.

Good to know

  • Cool soil hinders thorough grass seed germination
  • Warm soil enhances the growth process

Why fall is better than spring for planting new grass

Spring is stereotypically the season for new blooms and plants, but when it comes to grass, it’s a bit different.

The optimal time to plant a new lawn is September. Here’s why:

  • Soil temperatures drop to the ideal zone for germinating seeds
  • Gives the grass plenty of time to put down strong roots and establish itself before the winter weather hits
  • Weeds don’t thrive in fall weather, they thrive in the spring!

Proper lawn care starts here

Your lawn is an integral part of your curb appeal, but when it’s not properly maintained, your image suffers.

A lush, green lawn is a fantastic way to regain the attention and luster your home deserves, without spending a fortune.

How can we help?

Wright Landscape Services offers two season-long Lawn Care Programs tailored to meet your unique needs, requests, and budget.

Here are just a few of the ways we will help you get the best lawn:

  • Regular visits from our experts
  • Seasonal fertilizers
  • Weed management
  • Core aeration
  • Insect management
  • And more!

Ready to get started?

Planting your new lawn in the early fall is not enough to guarantee success.

  1. Becoming informed on all of the lawn care trends and tips
  2. Preparing your soil
  3. Maintaining your seeds and soil properly
  4. Working with a professional landscaping company

…Are all critical to growing a healthy new lawn.

For more information, or to request a free estimate for our wide range of lawn care services, contact us!

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