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My Backyard Has a Drainage Issue…Now What?

Isn’t it great to look out into your backyard and see the beautifully manicured green grass and delicate gardens you love? Or, wait. All you see is water. Just water? Why is there so much water in your yard? Drainage problems can cause your backyard to flood, ruining grass and…

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Do You Really Need A Landscape Architect?

When it comes to creating the outdoor living space you’ve always dreamed of, there are a few different options for making that dream a reality. Depending on your objectives, you might need a landscaper, a landscape professional, a landscape designer, a landscape architect, or if your goals are particularly ambitious,…

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Why You Need Landscape Design & Build To Work Together

Design. Build. Maintain. Grow. At Wright Landscape Services, those four words are more than just a tag line; they are the rules that govern how we work. But what do they mean for you? How does Design & Build work together to create the backyard of your dreams? In this…

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What This Winter Has Done To Your Interlocking Paver Stones

Canadian winters can really do a number on your yard. When the snow and ice melt you might be left with backyard drainage issues, damaged gardens and plant beds, or damaged concrete and interlock pavers. While all of these issues can affect the usability of your yard, damage to your stonework…

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What’s The Difference Between a Landscape Designer and Architect

At Wright Landscape Services, we take outdoor living design seriously. With a team of Landscape Architects and Certified Landscape Designers, we bring your backyard dreams to life! Many people use the terms landscape architect and landscape designer interchangeably, thinking they’re more or less the same thing. While there are definitely…

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How To Find The Right Landscape Designer?

Creating an outdoor living space that you’ll love forever starts with choosing the right design and build partner. There are so many decisions to make, so you must find the right landscape designer. But how do you know which designer is right for you? Knowing where to start is always…

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Things to Consider in Environmentally Friendly Landscaping

Your property’s overall appearance can be largely affected by the level of upkeep and landscaping that you keep up with. But beyond lawn care and a well-kept yard, there are sustainable landscape design aspects to think about as well. Here’s how you can begin to include environmentally friendly landscaping practices…

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Key Information About Ontario Invasive Plant Species

In an effort to find unusual plants and incorporate them into your landscape, you may end up accidentally planting an Ontario invasive plant species. According to the Ontario Invasive Plant Council, there are over 400 invasive plant species. These include both terrestrial and aquatic varieties, and they cannot only ruin…

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How to Keep Water in Water Features Clean

Having a water feature in your backyard is a wonderful element that offers many benefits, but the beauty they provide often requires some upkeep on your behalf. Keeping up on the maintenance of your water feature means making sure the water is clean, flowing properly and having it winterized correctly….

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Learn a landscape architect’s secrets to planning a beautiful backyard