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Creating Privacy in a Small Backyard with Landscaping

A carefully designed and landscaped backyard can be a wonderful place for socializing and relaxing with friends and family. A backyard can also provide solitude and the quiet enjoyment of nature. However- designing for both group and individual activities often becomes more challenging when there is limited space. You might…

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Problem With Grubs?

Moisture is needed when grubs/adults are flying in June – water reduces egg laying. Book now to help eliminate the grub population in your lawn.

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Broadleaved Weed Suppression

Wright Landscape Services can give you piece of mind that your property is being well cared for. In 2010, we introduced Fiesta, an eco-friendly, iron-based product for broadleaved weed suppression.  Research out of the Guelph University has shown that two applications, within a one month interval, results in significantly less…

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Overseed Lawns that are weak or damaged

We recommend more than one kind of grass seed.  Kentucky bluegrass is slower to establish. Fine fescue can be compatibly mixed with Kentucky bluegrass, are reasonably shade-tolerant and don’t fare badly with fertility.  Can take infrequent irrigation, but still require precipitation.  It can’t live without water.   Fine fescues tend to…

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What to do if your lawn did not recover from last years drought.

What can you do with those areas of dead turf?  Spring is a good time to seed those damaged areas.  Be sure to wait to apply grass seed until nighttime temperatures stay above 10 degrees celsius.  Rake the dead areas.  Select grasses to match your current turf or use this…

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Vole Tunneling

The snow has gone but you have noticed tunneling in areas where the snow was deepest. How do you go about fixing this – Lightly rake and tamp down the affected tunneling areas. Add seed when the outside temperature stays above freezing, usually mid May. If the affected area is…

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Learn a landscape architect’s secrets to planning a beautiful backyard