What to do if your lawn did not recover from last years drought.

What can you do with those areas of dead turf?  Spring is a good time to seed those damaged areas.  Be sure to wait to apply grass seed until nighttime temperatures stay above 10 degrees celsius.  Rake the dead areas.  Select grasses to match your current turf or use this as an opportunity to choose a different species to improve the performance of the turf you already have. No time to do this yourself?

Wright Organic Turf Builder service includes double aeration, pelletized compost, seed and seed starter.  A great way to enhance your soil and add needed seed to damaged areas.  Be sure the seed is kept moist for 21 days.

Poor growing conditions can also be the result of problems around the roots.  One such problem is soil compaction – soil that is too dense and compressed: poor drainage can reduce the productivity of the soil.  Soil amendments are invaluable for enhancing some of the most common soil problems.  Compaction leads to poor drainage, lack of soil aeration and restricted root growth.  Organic Turf Builder is an ideal way to relieve compaction and enhance the nutrient content.

In healthy turf, insects may be present but symptoms will be lessened and weeds will not be able to easily invade – fertility is the primary defense against weeds, helping to keep your lawn thick.  Be sure to fertilize your lawn spring, summer and fall.  Give Wright a call to have fertilizer applied at regular intervals throughout the seasons.


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