Landscaping Chores to Tackle this Spring

Spring is finally here.

After a long, tough, and challenging winter, it’s nice to get outside and focus on things like gardens and planting as opposed to snow removal.

Before you start working on your landscape, there are some spring landscape chores you’ll need to take care of.

As well, there are some jobs you may want to have Wright Landscape Services tackle for you.

You can…put down fresh mulch

Fresh mulch

The thick layer of organic mulch you spread just before the onset of winter probably isn’t there anymore.

That’s because it either broke down (decomposed) or blew away during the cold, windy months.

There are three steps you need to take to properly replenish the mulch throughout your landscape design:

  • Measure: Grab a ruler and see just how deep your mulch goes. It should fall between a depth of 2” to 4”.
  • Puff it up: Using a rake, puff up the mulch and level it evenly across any garden, flower or tree beds.
  • Apply: Wherever there are “low” spots is where you’ll want to spread fresh mulch. Anything leftover can be evenly applied across the rest of the area.

We can…aerate your lawn for you

The first – and perhaps – most important step of spring lawn care is to properly and fully aerate your grass.

Aerate your lawn

The whole concept of aeration is to introduce air into your lawn, which helps with things like:

  • Soil compaction.
  • Root growth.
  • Nutrient consumption.

The more open airways in your lawn, the better, lusher, and stronger it’ll grow.

The reason is makes sense to have a professional landscape company aerate your lawn for you is because they have tools which penetrate deeper than what’s available for most residential customers.

Additionally, the holes need to be spaced properly (close together) and throughout your entire lawn.

If any areas are missed – or if the holes are too far apart – aeration won’t be effective and can result in dead patches on your lawn.

We can…remove dead plants and debris

Late-falling leaves, dead branches, blown litter, and old plants are an eyesore.

They’re also harmful to your landscaping.

All winter long, your grass or flowers were covered in snow. They didn’t have much access to sunlight, nor fresh air.

Now that it’s spring, any yard waste sitting on your lawn is heavy and preventing it from getting the air and sunshine it needs.

Getting rid of them ASAP is a smart way to bring your grass back to life after winter.

You can…locate and pull out weeds (or have us do it for you)

Even in the dead cold of winter, pesky weeds can still grow and overtake your landscape, natural stone or interlocking walkways, and backyard patios too.

Pulling weeds

If left unchecked, they’ll keep growing throughout spring and into summer.

Weeds which can thrive during winter include:

  • Common chickweed.
  • Prickly lettuce.

When you spot these weeds, pull them out by the root if possible.

Pro tip: Do not use pulled weeds for compost. The seeds will spread back into your landscape. Dispose of them completely.

We can…restore your interlock for you

Although they’re tough and made of hard stone, winter still did a number on your interlocking pavers.

They may have become loose. They may have chipped or cracked. Or they may have become stained due to salt for snow and ice management.

Dirty and clean interlock

Whatever the case may be, your smooth interlocking walkway is now bumpy and uneven.

Instead of simply moving them back into place, your best bet is to have us resettle them for you.

It’s a more comprehensive process and involves things like:

  • Removing the stones completely.
  • Reapplying the aggregate base.
  • Placing the stones back into place.
  • Filling gaps with polymeric sand.
  • Cleaning and sealing for protection.

The short-term benefit is your stones will be safely installed for spring, summer and fall.

The long-term benefit is that once next winter rolls around, there’s less chance of your interlock being negatively impacted.

You can…contact us for your spring landscaping chores

Whatever jobs you have on your spring to-do list, we can get them done for you quickly and properly.

That means you’ll spend less time working on your landscape and more time enjoying it.

All you have to do is contact us with your comments. We’ll get back quickly to discuss your needs and can also provide a FREE quote if you wish.

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