How to Prepare for the First Grass Cut of the Year

Are you ready for your first grass cut of the year? Learn how to prepare your mower, when to start mowing and more lawn care advice from Wright Landscaping.

How to Prepare for the First Grass Cut of the Year

Your first grass cut of the year involves much more preparation than any other. You need to know when you should make the cut and how much to take off. Plus, it’s important that you prepare your mower after its long break over winter. Find out how to get prepared below.

When Should You Make Your First Grass Cut of the Year?

In southern Ontario, you should make your first cut of the season in April. You need to watch the weather to be sure. The grass can’t be frozen, it can’t be raining, and ideally there will be plenty of sunshine after your first mow.

If mid-April seems a little early to you, you may be in the habit of cutting too much of the grass too late in the year. Most plants, grass included, are invigorated by a small trim early in spring. It encourages their growth.

In the case of grass, cutting early in spring also allows sunlight to reach the base of the blades of grass, which is good for them. So, consider making a smaller trim earlier on in the year. Never take more than a third of the grass off.

Prepare Your Mower for the First Spring Cut

You also need to prepare your mower before you start the first cut of grass in spring. A week or so before you cut, do the following:

  • Change the oil, if needed
  • Fill the fuel tank, if it has one
  • Check it for rust and other damage
  • Clean the filter, if it has one
  • Sharpen the blades to ensure it will cut easily
  • Start it to ensure it will turn on.

Prepare Your Lawn for the First Lawn Cut

Once you’re ready to start mowing, take some time to prepare your lawn. It will have collected debris over the winter. Plus, now is a good time to incorporate other lawn treatments to ensure you get a bright green lawn in the following few weeks:

  • Remove debris, including sticks and leftover leaves
  • Balance soil pH levels
  • Add fertilizer
  • Aerate the lawn if it has developed thatch
  • Add grass seeds to bare or struggling patches
  • Apply herbicide or other weed control.

Get Your First Grass Cut this Spring from Wright Landscape

Not ready for your first grass cut of the year? Let us take care of it for you. Contact Wright Landscape Services for all your lawn maintenance needs.


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