How to Make Your Lawn Green Again after a Tough Winter

March is when the transition from white winter to green spring really takes place.

St. Patrick’s Day, perhaps the greenest of holidays is on March 17. And the first day of spring is March 20.

So after a winter which started out mild and then suddenly turned frigid, the time is right to bring back your lawn’s natural green beauty with these easy-to-follow tips from Wright Landscape Services.

Green lawnmowerFire up the lawnmower

As the weather warms up, your lawn will start to grow quickly (it never stops growing in the winter, it just slows down a lot).

Still, your grass is in a delicate condition and it needs delicate lawn care when it comes to grass cutting:

  • Set the mower blades to a higher-than-normal height
  • Walk slowly as you mow your lawn
  • Don’t take sharp turns as the lawnmower’s wheels can dig into the grass
  • Don’t mow your lawn if it’s damp or if there’s been a recent snowfall

One last thing: the best way to mow your lawn is to take two laps around the perimeter and then cut back and forth length-wise.

Repairing bare and thin patches

Almost without fail, some parts of your lawn will have thinned over the winter.

To repair them, all you need is to reseed them with the right type of grass seed.

If you don’t know what type of grass you have, just contact your local landscape service provider. They’ll be able to visit your property and determine the best grass seed to use.

From there, it’s all about sowing the seeds into your lawn:

  • Break up and loosen the surface soil
  • If necessary, add extra topsoil
  • Follow application instructions when scattering the seeds down

Then, gently water the bare spots (don’t drench them, because they’ll also get water from spring rain). Keep the area moist until grass starts growing again.

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Weeds in the grass

Weeds and moss may have taken over your lawn during the winter.

Getting rid of them is as easy as scheduling a lawn care program and have weed killer applied to your lawn on a regular basis.

Once the weeds are dead, just rake them out.

If the weeds have caused some bare or thin spots in your residential or commercial lawns, just follow the instructions in the above section to resurrect your grass.

Grow more fertilizerFeed your hungry lawn

You probably didn’t fertilize your lawn during the winter. Fortunately, your lawn is tough enough to handle it.

But now that spring is just about here, your grass is ready to eat.

Applying natural lawn feed will give it the vital nutrients it lost during the winter months. Look for a product that’s suited for lawn revitalization.

Although your lawn is hungry, don’t overfeed it. Make sure you follow the instructions on your lawn fertilizer product.

Have us bring your lawn back to life

If this winter was particularly tough on your lawn, don’t worry: We can make it green and lush in no time.

In fact, we’ve won awards for our lawn care services.

To bring your lawn back to life, request a lawn consultation now. No matter how bad you think your lawn currently is, it’s nothing we can’t handle.

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