Happy Holidays from Wright Landscape Services

The entire team here at Wright Landscape Services wishes the very best of the season to you and your family.

However you plan on spending the holidays – and whomever you’ll be spending them with – we hope it’s full of family, friends and fun.

Before saying goodbye to 2017, we think it’ll be fun to take one last look back at the blogs, milestones and other events that made this past year such a rewarding one (thanks to you, of course).

New service: Mosquito prevention program

Right now, with the official start of winter coming soon, it’s hard to think about mosquitoes.

In the spring and summer, though, mosquitoes can be a nuisance and disrupt family get-togethers on your backyard patio (especially if your backyard is susceptible to drainage issues or standing water).

That’s why – in conjunction with GreenStrike products – we introduced our mosquito prevention program, which is designed to:

  • Collect and destroy mosquito eggs
  • Target mosquitoes where they breed and live
  • Be environmentally friendly and safe for families

Didn’t enjoy your outdoor landscaping as much as you wanted to this past year due to pesky mosquitoes?

Don’t let it be a problem in 2018.

Instead, learn more about our mosquito prevention program.

Popular blog: Use lime for a better lawn

A lawn care question we hear all the time is “what can I do to improve my lawn’s health after prolonged exposure to cold and wet weather?”

The answer: Add lime to your lawn.

Excessive rainfall (like what we had during the summer) can throw off your lawn’s pH balance. When that happens, patchy yellow grass and annoying weeds begin to appear.

By using a lime treatment, you’ll:

  • Add calcium and magnesium to the soil
  • Eliminate harmful bacteria which inhibits plant growth

The upcoming winter – with its snow, ice and water – will do a number on your lawn over the next few months.

When spring finally arrives, you should learn how to add lime to your lawn.

Platinum award-winner: Favourite lawn service

This past October, the Waterloo Region Record handed out its annual Record Reader Awards.

Thanks to customers like you, Wright Landscape Services was Platinum award-winner in “Favourite Lawn Service” category.

Residential lawn service can take many forms:

And we take great pride in delivering them in a professional, timely manner (as we have since 1967).

So thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for us.

Popular infographic: Are you mowing your lawn often enough?

There’s much more to mowing your lawn than just firing up the lawnmower when the grass looks a little long.

Yes, regular grass cutting keeps things looking presentable. But you can improve the health and strength of your lawn when it gets mowed at the right times.

It’s December, so now isn’t the time to cut your grass.

In spring, summer and fall, you need to pay attention to things like:

  • Current and future weather (Will it rain? Is a prolonged dry spell expected? Could there be a sudden drop in temperature?)
  • Are any watering conservation measures (or bans) in effect?
  • Is your irrigation system in peak working order?
  • Are the blades on your lawnmower sharp?

All these factors come into play when it’s time to mow your lawn (and how you should do it).

Thanks for a great 2017. See you in 2018.

This past year marked our 50th anniversary serving the Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridge areas.

(To put that in perspective, that’s 2 years before Neil Armstrong walked on the moon).

It was our pleasure to provide your homes and commercial businesses with custom landscape design projects, ongoing maintenance and much more.

We can’t wait to do it again in 2018 – and beyond.

Once again, thank you for a terrific year.

Finally, it’s never too early to think about your spring or summer landscaping projects.

If you have something in mind – or simply looking for some information – feel free to contact us anytime.

We’ll get back to you ASAP (even during the busy holiday season) to personally discuss your needs.

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