Happy Canada Day from Wright Landscape Services

Happy Canada DayCanada is celebrating its 148th birthday on July 1.

We’re going to enjoy the holiday here at Wright Landscape Services, and we hope that you’re able to as well.

Whether you’re celebrating with friends, working on your landscaping or just taking it easy (hey, you deserve it), make sure you have a safe and happy Canada Day!Movie All Is Lost (2013)

And in honour of Canada, we wanted to present a short list of just a few of the many things which make Canada the greatest country on the planet.

Rocky mountainsIncredible landscaping

It makes sense to talk about Canada’s great landscaping. After all, we are a landscape design service company.

From coast-to-coast, Canada is full of diverse and natural landscapes which give it a beauty that really can’t be matched anywhere else on Earth.

Think about it: In this country (granted that’s over 9,000,000 km2), you can find:

  • Sprawling forests
  • Mighty mountains
  • Everlasting flatlands
  • Booming waterfalls
  • Modern cities
  • Maritime hideaways

And that doesn’t even include the rugged landscape of Canada’s far north.

No matter where you go, the landscape and natural beauty of Canada is always on full display.

Canada flagThe maple leaf

It’s The symbol of Canada that’s prominently displayed on the Canadian flag.

The maple leaf represents great Canadian values, like:


  • Freedom
  • Friendship
  • Hard work
  • Determination
  • Enjoying life

The Canadian flag is a thing of beauty. It has a simple design and minimal colours (just red and white), but it communicates and stands for so much.

There’s also something to be said about seeing the maple leaf in other countries, too. For the Canadian traveler, it just makes them feel good.

Let us take care of snow removal for DadGreat inventions from Canada

The world has Canada to thank for many of the inventions and tools we use to make day-to-day life much, much easier:

  • Snow Blower: Offering snow removal services is a lot easier with this handy and helpful Canadian invention
  • Insulin: People with diabetes come to rely on insulin to help them control their condition
  • Alkaline Batteries: The batteries which power your flashlight or TV remote control were developed in Canada

So, let us say on behalf of the world, “thank you Canada.”

Oh, and to the rest of the world, “you’re welcome.”

The people who live here

Canada is a fantastic place to live and work.

And Canadians – just like you – are fantastic people too.

And really, there’s nothing more to add to that, now is there?

Proud to call Canada home

At Wright Landscape Services, we’re proud to call Canada our home.

And we love the fact that we can provide excellent outdoor landscaping service to customers throughout Southern Ontario.

When it comes to your landscape service needs – we hope you think of us first.

But before that, we want to wish you a great Canada Day!