Fall and Your Lawn

It won’t be long until leaves are falling.
Removing leaves and debris in fall ensures the lawn will continue to get much needed light as the days get shorter.  If fallen leaves are not removed, the lawn will become weak, yellow and will eventually die from lack of the nutrients which are needed to survive the winter months.
Fall is a good time to apply fertilizer, this will help the turf fill in from any diseases and insect problems from the summer season.  Fall conditions are great for lawns as this is the time when grass roots start to store nutrients for the winter.  A fall feeding helps build strong roots and protects the lawn from winter stress to give you a healthier lawn come spring.  Want to increase the health of your lawn?  Now that the summer season is over, consider having Organic Turf Builder applied to your lawn filling in any bare areas caused by summer stress from insects.  This process consisting of pelletized organic compost, aeration in 2 directions and a quality grass seed is a beneficial way to add much needed organics to your lawn.  Spring or fall this is a great accompaniment to our other services.Щелезуб


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