Design + Build. Why They Go Together.

The tagline here at Wright Landscape Services fully sums up what we do for our residential and commercial clients:

  • Design Build Maintain Grow

This blog focuses on the first two aspects – Design. Build. – and why it’s important they go hand-in-hand.

What is landscape design?

For many homeowners, landscape design is nothing more than deciding where to put gardens and planting, backyard patios, and other elements into their outdoor living spaces.

Landscape design

But it’s much more than that.

Professional landscape design is about connecting separate items in your backyard to seamlessly create an enjoyable living space.

Look at it this way: How many times have you visited someone’s backyard, only to find the landscape design to be somewhat off-putting due to things like:

  • Colours don’t complement each other
  • Items (such as an outdoor dining area) are placed in odd locations
  • Spaces are empty or not being utilized properly

In order to create a functional and beautiful landscape design, the following principles must be taken into consideration:

  • Harmony: Do each individual elements work together when viewed as a whole?
  • Balance: Is there equal representation between things like hardscapes and softscapes?
  • Proportion: Are the elements equal in size, or does one (like a retaining wall) dominate the others?
  • Transition: Will changes from one area to another be gradual and smooth, or abrupt and sudden?

And those elements don’t account for other things like raytracing (establishing lines), focal point perspectives and colour theory.

Landscape design is all about taking the idea that’s in your imagination and making it into a workable, logical plan.

From there, comes the next part…

What is landscape build?

On the surface, landscape building involves a lot of dirt, rocks, machinery, tools, and mess.

But it’s much more than that.

In order to properly bring your landscaping to life, many things need to take place before the vehicles and workers get started:

Landscape permit

  • Permitting: Does your project require local permits? If so, where and how do you acquire them?
  • Infrastructure: Will your design (such as a waterfall or pond) impact current water sources (like pipes or irrigation) or need new ones altogether?
  • Logistics: Is it even possible for the landscape design to be built properly, or do modifications need to be made?

Once those questions (and many more) have been answered, a reputable landscape build team must develop a plan which ensures:

  • Timelines and schedules are met
  • Other areas of your property aren’t impacted
  • Your neighbours’ property isn’t impacted
  • Important street (such as a fire hydrant), walkway, or driveway access isn’t impeded
  • Space is available to safely deliver, store and grab materials as needed

And then, finally, your landscape design starts to take shape during the landscape build phase of your project.

Why design + build go together

It seems obvious. You can’t build a project without designing it. And it makes no sense to design a project if it can’t be built.

But it’s much more than that.

Landscaped Back Yard

Look at your grandmother’s chocolate chip cookies. No matter how many times you follow her recipe to the letter, they never turn out as tasty as hers.

That’s because she originally designed the recipe and then built (or cooked) it to perfection.

By having one company handle the design and build aspects of your project, you’ll be assured it’ll turn out exactly how you want it.

Sure, you can have company X design your outdoor living space and company Y build it, but there’s a good chance something will get lost in translation:

It might come close, but it won’t be perfect.

So – just like grandmother’s perfectly chewy chocolate chip cookies – it’s best to have a single company plan and execute your landscaping project.

Let Wright Landscape Services design + build your project

The team at Wright Landscape Services consists of:

  • Landscape designers
  • Estimators
  • Landscape build technicians
  • Design build foremen
  • Design build lead hands

That means that all aspects of your project – from conception to construction – are handled by a full-service staff who has laid eyes on it from day one.

That’s how it should be.

If you have a landscape project in mind, contact us with some details and we’ll get back to discuss your plan and provide a FREE quote.

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