Broadleafed Weed Suppression

Wright Landscape Services can give you piece of mind that your property is being well cared for.почему одинаковые на внешний вид дома имеют разную цену?

In 2010, we introduced Fiesta, an eco-friendly, iron-based product for broadleafed weed suppression.  Research out of the Guelph University has shown that two applications, within a one month interval, results in significantly less weeds in the lawn. Our hands on experience using the product in the last 3 seasons produced the same results and that’s why we’ve included applications in the Wright Full Service Program. You will see blackening of the weed foliage within 24 hrs. It is quickly absorbed by the leaf and transported to the root.  Remember 2 applications, 4-6 weeks apart is ideal.

No unpleasant odour during or after application and pets and people can re enter treated area once the spray is dry.

For our customers who have not booked Fiesta and want to give it a try, please call the office for your spring applications.

Our Full Service Program includes up to 3 applications of Fiesta for broadleafed weeds – 2 late spring/early summer and 1 in fall,  weather dependant.