5 Quick Tips to Thicken Your Lawn

Homeowners everywhere dream of the perfectly green, thick lawn.

Imagine if you could be the envy of all your neighbours next spring with the most beautiful lawn on the block!

Well, with the tips in this blog, you can be.

Can I really get a better lawn overnight?

Kind of.

If your lawn lacks the thickness and vibrancy it should have, there are a number of problems that could be the cause:

  • Your lawn seed was planted incorrectly
  • The grass is not tolerant of its shady (or sunny) location
  • The wrong type of grass seed was used
  • The seeds were not spread properly

Fortunately, there are a few simple fixes to this common problem.

1. Remove all weeds, dead plants, & other debris

Prior to beginning any type of lawn regrowth maintenance, you need to make sure your area is clear of all weeds, dead or dying plants, and other debris that would get in the way.

Removing weeds by hand:

  • Make certain you pull out the entire root, or it will just grow back and spread.

Removing weeds via a weed killer:

  • Make sure you carefully follow the instructions to prevent damage to any other plants.

2. Give your grass a good mow

Mow your lawn closely, leaving it short and tidy so you can prepare the area for the next few steps.

We recommend lowering your mower 1 notch, and raking the surface of your lawn after mowing to remove any dead grass and lawn clippings.

3. Aerate your lawn

One of the biggest reasons why lawns become patchy, dry, and less vibrant is because the soil is compacted.

Our first secret to getting a thicker lawn is a process called core aeration, which involves creating holes in the soil.


Poking holes into the soil will help water, air, and nutrients get down deep into the soil to improve root development. Thus, giving you a thicker, happier lawn.

Check out our core aeration services here.

4. Overseed, overseed, overseed

If you’ve never heard of overseeding, today is your lucky day.

Overseeding is our second big secret to getting a thicker lawn, because it…

  • Fills in bare spots
  • Improves turf density
  • Enhances lawn colour
  • Helps to better withstand insects, disease, drought, and heavy traffic

If you have questions about overseeding, give us a call to speak with one of our lawn care experts.

5. Give it some TLC

After you’ve completed all these steps, it’s time for some TLC.

Just because you’ve laid your seeds, that doesn’t mean you can forget about your lawn.

Water your lawn daily until the seed is established and germinates.

If it’s still hot out, we recommend watering later in the day once the sun has gone down so the grass has a chance to absorb the water.

Let’s get started!

Ready to transform your lawn? Do you want the most beautiful lawn in the neighbourhood come spring time?

Give us a call, and we’ll talk about our lawn care packages with you!

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