The 5 B’s of winter gardening

Even when the yard is buried in snow, you don’t have to stop enjoying your garden. You can create a lovely winter garden that provides enjoyment all year round as long as you understand the five B’s of winter gardening.

The 5 b’s of winter gardening

  1. Birds: Although many birds fly south for the winter just as many stick around. Your backyard can be a winter wonderland providing a welcoming spot for birds to come to feed. All you need is a feeder or two to start attracting your fine feathered friends. Keep in mind squirrels will be attracted to bird feeders as well and if you want to prevent them from stealing all the good seeds you will want to invest in squirrel proof feeders. Not only will they invite birds to come and feed freely, they will also provide hours of entertainment watching the squirrels trying to get at the food within.
  2. Berries: Planting shrubs and trees that bear winter fruit such as berries provides two purposes for your garden. First they add a lovely touch of colour and texture made even prettier following a light dusting of snow. Second they will help attract wildlife and birds to your garden in the winter months. Some of the prettiest plantings include bright red Winter Berry Shrubs, Japanese Crabapple Trees, Winter King Trees, Beauty Berry Shrubs, Linden Viburnum Shrubs and Kousa Dogwood Trees.
  3. Bark: This might sound like an odd one, but bark comes in many different colours. Once trees and shrubs loose their leaves bark can add stunning detail especially when the snow begins to fall. There are a number of trees to incorporate into your landscaping such as Paperbark Maple, Japanese Stewartia and River Birch.
  4. Branches: Much like the bark of a tree, the branches of trees, shrubs and bushes can add not only colour, but interesting structural interest. When covered in snow branches create a lovely detail and the shape and form of the tree itself becomes sculptural in the starkness of winter. You will not only create interest from the trees themselves but also from the varied shapes and patterns their forms cast as shadows.
  5. Benches: This is where a bit of whimsy comes into the mix. Benches offer an inviting spot to sit and watch the birds, listen to the muffled silence of the garden as the snow falls gently or just add a focal point beneath a tree. We can sneak in a few other non-B’s here including latticework, pergolas, trellises and arbors. Decorative elements become more intriguing in the winter and you can help bring more attention to structures such as sheds with a touch of colour. Even fountains and statues create interesting focal points when placed beneath trees, in among long grasses or sitting quietly beside a bench.

The five B’s of winter gardening provide you a lovely, peaceful view from the warmth of your home, or a bench to sit and watch the snow fall. For ideas and a free estimate visit Wright Landscape Services today.


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