Why you should book us to haul away your snow pile

Why you should book us to haul away your snow pile

Approach of spring: large pile of dirty snow melting in parking lot Winters in Ontario can range from mildly annoying to brutally punishing. One thing is for sure – when the ground was bare in January, few of us expected to be knee deep in snow by February. And now that it’s starting to melt and look muddy, trashy and all around disgusting, how are you dealing with the mound of snow outside your business? Most people just aren’t. Here are some very important reasons to consider booking us to haul your snow piles away.

Employee Safety: Are employees having to step around muddy mounds of snow in order to get to the walkway and front door of the building? This poses a huge inconvenience, not to mention a safety issue. Slips and falls can easily occur, which can cost businesses money when their employee is out of commission for a few days.

Accident Prevention: For homeowners, moving snow can pose an even bigger safety risk, especially for the older generation. Moving heavy snow piles can cause heart attacks.

More space for parking: Snow piles take up precious parking spaces, and can cause a great inconvenience to shoppers and employees alike. When snow piles are removed, it opens up more parking spots, which in turn, means more money being spent in the stores. Sure, you can wait for it to melt. But with the sand and trash insulating the snow, it can stay as late as June.Pile 2

Aesthetics: Snow is at its prettiest when it’s freshly falling (and you’re watching from inside your nice warm home.) But the unsightly with brown sludge, sand and trash you see in the spring. These mounds of snow are trying the patience of everyone who just want the snow to go away and the flower buds to start growing.

If you can relate to any of the scenarios above, call us today to find out how we can help clear your snow pile.


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