2014 Current Customer Renewals – Lawn and Tree/Shrubs Care

It’s time to book your lawn care for the 2014 season.  Renewals went out in November 2013, if you have misplaced your renewal, give us a call @ 519-742-8433 to renew your lawn care program.

Our experience shows if you are on a program, our technician will visit the lawn every 4-6 weeks throughout the seasons allowing us to better address any problems/issues that may arise regarding insects, weeds, disease, drought or heat stress.

Don’t forget your trees and shrubs need care throughout the seasons. These services begin early spring to provide the best protection against insects and disease.  Dormant oil for shrubs/trees such as magnolia, euonymus, yews, pachysandra needs to be applied before bud break.

Spring is a good time to examine your shrubs and trees for winter damage.  If you had your shrubs wrapped in burlap for winter protection, carefully unwrap them and inspect for damage.  Spring pruning benefits many landscape plants.  Removal of dead wood increases overall health and summer bloom.  Pruning can also help decrease insect activity by removing egg masses found on the outer branches.  Our dormant oil treatment must be done in early spring before budding to control over-wintering insects and eggs, thereby reducing harmful insect development.

Be sure to watch for leaf beetle and sawfly larvae as well as various caterpillars that feed on new leaf growth.

Need a diagnosis on a problem tree?  Call us to schedule a visit from one of our certified arborists to diagnose/aid in solutions – (consultation fee applies).