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5 Winter Garden Tips for Southern Ontario

If you live in Southern Ontario, you’re probably not expecting an aesthetic garden landscape in the winter. But it doesn’t have to be that way! With some thoughtful planting and design choices, you can craft a landscape that looks beautiful all year round. Here are a few suggestions to create…

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Banish Those Bugs: 5 Tips for a Bug-Free Backyard

In this post-COVID era, our society has become hyper-aware of airborne germs and viruses, with a better understanding of how they spread and multiply in indoor spaces. Many of us have created little outdoor sanctuaries to spend more time with family and friends, only to reckon with bugs and pests…

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A Guide to Ensuring Your Lawn Looks Great Year-Round

Summer is long gone, and for many people, so are the days of admiring your manicured lawn and yard. It’s easy to neglect caring for your lawn once the cooler weather hits. Cozying up on the couch with a blanket to binge-watch a new Netflix series just seems more appealing….

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Fall Landscaping Design – Create a Cozy Backyard This Fall

Fall has officially arrived, bringing with it rich colours and crisp, cool temperatures. Take full advantage of the more palatable temperatures by creating a comfortable space in your backyard for your family and friends to enjoy. With or without the pumpkin spice beverages. Whether you have a small or large…

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Landscaping in A Post-Pandemic World

Backyard Fun After Covid-19 Backyards have always been a space where homeowners spend time with family and friends. And with continued heightened anxieties around COVID and other germs, it’s clear that the outdoors will be a preferred space to socialize for years to come. Looking for ways to accommodate socializing,…

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3 smart and beautiful drainage solutions to transform your backyard

If you have backyard drainage problems, you need backyard drainage solutions, and a quick Google search will return millions of results offering advice on everything from trenches and piping to re-grading and French drains. These engineering-driven efforts are important ways to deal with swamping, erosion, flooding and water that’s flowing…

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Deck vs patio: Which one is best for your yard?

Outdoor living has never been more popular, but if all you’ve got is a big patch of lawn you’ll have trouble lounging, cooking, dining and doing a host of other outdoor pastimes. Enter the deck and patio, two practical and often very beautiful additions to the backyard landscape whose primary…

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Cheeky garden gnome ideas for a whimsical backyard design

Whether you consider them garden guardians, sneaky spirits or tacky tchotchkes, the garden gnome has come a long way from its early days in 19th century Germany. Today, you can find female gnomes, inappropriate gnomes and sophisticated gnomes alongside the brightly painted classic we all recognize from the 1960s. As…

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Want a garden waterfall? Avoid these 6 mistakes

When it’s constructed properly, a garden waterfall can turn a small city yard into an urban oasis and give a sprawling rural property a stunning focal point. When it’s planned and built poorly, however, a garden waterfall is at best a passing regret and at worst an expensive restoration project….

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Learn a landscape architect’s secrets to planning a beautiful backyard