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Design + Build. Why They Go Together.

The tagline here at Wright Landscape Services fully sums up what we do for our residential and commercial clients: This blog focuses on the first two aspects – Design. Build. – and why it’s important they go hand-in-hand. What is landscape design? For many homeowners, landscape design is nothing more than deciding where to put […]

What This Winter Has Done To Your Interlocking Paver Stones

Last year, the Canadian Farmers Almanac predicted winter 2017/2018 was going to be long, tough, harsh, and cold. And so far, it’s been fairly accurate. You prepared your landscaping for winter by doing things like: Applying lawn care fertilizer Grass cutting for as long as possible Cleaning your gutters Pulling out stubborn weeds Protecting your […]

Complete Guide to Watering Your Lawn

When it comes to watering your lawn, do you know how to do it properly? Do you know how much to water? When to water? How often to do it? Best times to water to make the most of your water usage? Proper watering, especially in the middle of summer, is crucial to having the […]