Wright Pool Designs

Backyard Designs For Hot Tubs & Pools

We know that pools and hot tubs are more than just a vinyl shell filled with water; they're the main attraction of family pool parties, a place to cool off and chill out on a hot summer day, the perfect way to relax and unwind on a cool fall evening, the focal point of your outdoor living space. Give your pool or hot tub the attention it deserves with an expertly designed yard.

Outdoor living spaces designed for pools.

The most beautiful outdoor spaces are ones that feel effortless—because they are effortless. Designing a yard for a new pool or hot tub is both an art and a science, representing the perfect union of aesthetics and proportions. With considerations for shade, privacy, safety, and usability, a yard designed for a pool creates an oasis of summertime joy and bliss in an outdoor space you'll love to live in.  


Learn how to budget your project, understand your needs, and know exactly what to ask your architect.


Custom designed and laid coping and patio pavers add an extra touch of elegance and natural ruggedness to any outdoor pool.

Coping & Patio Pavers


Landscape lighting plays an important aesthetic and safety role in creating an outdoor living space you can enjoy into the wee hours of the night. 


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Your pool deserves the best. Professionally designed and built gardens and landscape features combine with your backyard pool or hot tub features to create a beautiful space and backyard oasis.



Decking & woodworking are perfect compliments to a backyard pool or hot tub. Custom designed and built for your yard.

Decking & Woodwork


Custom designed & built privacy and shade structures let you bathe and swim in comfort.

Privacy & Shade


Maintain traffic flow and space in your yard with proper walkways, designed and built for your needs.



See a project from start to finish

We took an empty sloping yard from blah to bliss over a single season. You can tell these are the types of projects we really dig!


Looking for more inspiration?

Check out some of our favourite yards and design projects to help inspire your own.

A Holistic Approach To Design & Build.

It starts with an idea. From there, we’ll work with you—every step of the way—to ensure you get the exceptional landscape design services Waterloo Region and Wellington County have come to rely on since 1967. It’s a collaborative process that generates trust and saves you time and money while giving you as much or as little input at each stage as you want. Once the job is finished, we rarely say goodbye. Instead, we love helping you maintain the design so it just keeps looking better, and grow it for the future so it’s always meeting your needs.

Start the process on your own with our backyard design checklist

From budget to completion, get everything you need to start turning those dreams into a reality.

Step 1: Design

STEP 1: First meeting
Enjoy one-on-one attention as you tell us everything about your project. We'll discuss the process and develop a budget and timeline with you. Then you decide whether we're a good fit for you and your project. It’s a great idea to complete our free checklist before we meet.

STEP 2: Site analysis
We visit your property for a thorough survey of existing grades, features and plant material.

STEP 3: Conceptual design
We create a base plan, develop the overall preliminary design for your project and provide a design estimate to support your budget.

STEP 4: Design review meeting
You review the conceptual design with us, discuss rationale, choose materials and discuss plant choices.

STEP 5: Master plan
We make changes to the design based on your input and develop the master plan.

STEP 6: Final design review meeting
The detailed master plan is presented to you.

STEP 7: Project quote
When the master plan is approved, we'll provide a complete project and build quote.

Step 2: Build

Your project comes to life with a team of dedicated, skilled and passionate professionals.

Step 3: Maintain

Regular landscape services keep your outdoor living spaces pristine.

Step 4: Grow

Your landscape is designed to adapt and change to meet your needs as they evolve over time. 

Get a FREE backyard design consultation

The foundation of any great landscape design is the people you choose to work with. Your free consultation is a chance to share details about your project, get free advice from a landscape architect, clarify your project goals, budget and timeline, and see if we’re the right fit for you!