Backyard Designs for real life.

If you're ready to make your backyard (or front yard) dreams come true, you've come to the right place. Our team of landscape architects, project managers and experienced pool and landscape construction pros are here to help you create an outdoor space you'll love. Forever.

The elements of great design

The most beautiful outdoor spaces are ones that feel effortless-because they are effortless. They marry timeless principles of design and quality construction with trends and technology that have staying power. Their appeal is not simply the gorgeous limestone retaining wall. Or the custom-laid paver patio. Or the pool that's begging you to kick off your flip flops and dip a toe. The true appeal is how every element comes together to create an outdoor experience that's just right for you.


Excited at the possibilities but clueless about the costs? We get it. Use our handy tool to ballpark your price before your dreams get bigger than your budget!


A cottage without the commute

A vinyl-lined or fiberglass pool or hot tub is the centrepiece of many backyard designs-a gathering place for family and friends, a tranquil escape and a dramatic focal point at all times of the day and night. Wright Landscape makes sure your pool or hot tub is properly designed and installed to harmonize with all elements of your landscape and give you years of enjoyment.

Pool and hot tub design


Built to last

Wright Landscape's custom-designed and carefully crafted decks and patios  achieve your backyard dreams without compromise. Add more living space to your outdoor rooms and create a beautiful focal point with a deck or patio that is planned and built to last.

Deck and patio design


Get growing

Plants bring a landscape design to life-literally. Flowers, foliage and branches create rhythm, balance, movement and contrast, setting the mood of a space and giving it structure. Well-chosen and placed trees and shrubs create privacy, lower energy costs and reduce noise levels. A vegetable or cutting garden is all about enjoying the harvest. Grass is the go-to for an active play space. Wright Landscape team members will design the best gardens for you, based on your location, feelings about maintenance and future plans.

Lawn and garden design


Calling all backyard foodies

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the (indoor) kitchen! An outdoor kitchen can be as simple as a barbecue parking spot with a countertop prep space and as elaborate as a covered kitchen area complete with sink, fridge, stone countertops, cupboards, a premium barbecue, pizza oven and smoker. Revolutionize your experience of summer cooking without burning your budget by working with us.

Outdoor kitchen design


Some like it hot

A well built and properly sited fireplace, fire pit or fire table adds a big wow to any backyard design, and the right model will inspire you to use your outdoor room during all four seasons. Go for a rustic campfire-songs-and-marshmallows-inspired design. Or dial up the sophistication with a contemporary built-in or glass-and-concrete table-top fireplace. Either way, adding a fireplace to your outdoor living space will add countless hours of enjoyment.

Outdoor fireplace design


Where form meets function

Our expertly engineered and constructed retaining walls bring both beauty and stability to your landscape. Use a retaining wall to add definition to your design. Manage drainage. Stop erosion. Create more space. Or transform a slope into a terraced planting area. Regardless of the material we use, you get worry-free craftsmanship and an elegant end result without the fear of wall failure.

Retaining wall design


Less is more

They say fences make good neighbours, but we're happiest when we can minimize the use of fencing in a backyard design by creative use of trees, shrubs and other plants that block views and create privacy. That being said, when a fence is the best option—or is required by local bylaw—you can count on us for quality materials, expert installation, thoughtful problem solving to minimize cost and a beautiful end result.


Water...the symbol of life

Whether it's a waterfall, fountain, reflective pool, pond or bird bath, water appeals to both sight and sound and can be a key element of any landscape, including cottage-style, Asian-inspired and woodland gardens. The trick is to make the water feature a low-maintenance element that fits the scale and style of the design-things our landscape architects excel at-so your backyard becomes a tranquil escape not an ongoing headache.

Designing water features


Making connections

Walkways and paths connect spaces. They send subtle signals about where to walk and where not to, and invite family members and guests to cross the threshold between your home's inside and outside spaces. They deserve a design that complements your home's architecture, makes a great first impression and welcomes visitors to explore.


See a project from start to finish

We took an empty sloping yard from blah to bliss over a single season. You can tell these are the types of projects we really dig!


Looking for more inspiration?

Check out some of our favourite yards and design projects to help inspire your own.

Our Process

It starts with an idea. From there, we'll work with you-every step of the way-to ensure you get the exceptional landscape design services Waterloo Region and Wellington County have come to rely on since 1967. It's a collaborative process that generates trust and saves you time and money while giving you as much or as little input at each stage as you want. Once the job is finished, we rarely say goodbye. Instead, we love helping you maintain the design so it just keeps looking better, and grow it for the future so it's always meeting your needs.

Start the process on your own with our backyard design checklist

From budget to completion, get everything you need to start turning those dreams into a reality.

Step 1: Design

First meeting
Enjoy one-on-one attention as you tell us everything about your project. We'll discuss the process and develop a budget and timeline with you. Then you decide whether we're a good fit for you and your project. It's a great idea to complete our free checklist before we meet.

Site analysis
We visit your property for a thorough survey of existing grades, features and plant material.

Conceptual design
We create a base plan, develop the overall preliminary design for your project and provide a design estimate to support your budget.

Design review meeting
You review the conceptual design with us, discuss rationale, choose materials and discuss plant choices.

Master plan
We make changes to the design based on your input and develop the master plan.

Final design review meeting
The detailed master plan is presented to you.

Project quote
When the master plan is approved, we'll provide a complete project and build quote.

Step 2: Build

Your project comes to life with a team of dedicated, skilled and passionate professionals.

Step 3: Maintain

Regular landscape services keep your outdoor living spaces pristine.

Step 4: Grow

Your landscape is designed to adapt and change to meet your needs as they evolve over time. 

Get a FREE backyard design consultation

The foundation of any great landscape design is the people you choose to work with. Your free consultation is a chance to share details about your project, get free advice from a landscape architect, clarify your project goals, budget and timeline, and see if we're the right fit for you!