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White Grubs Damaging To Your Lawn

White grubs turn into flying beetles in June, relay eggs and may become a problem in the lawn. They will feed on the roots of lawns and cause brown irregular shaped patches in the once green grass. Secondary damage may be caused when raccoons or skunks dig up the lawn in spring and/or fall, feeding […]

Your Lawn In Fall

It won’t be long until leaves are falling. Removing leaves and debris in fall ensures the lawn will continue to get much needed light as the days get shorter.  If fallen leaves are not removed, the lawn will become weak, yellow and will eventually die from lack of the nutrients which are needed to survive […]

Fall Aeration Benefits

Fall is an ideal time for aerating. The summer temperatures have cooled and there is more moisture in the ground. Aeration helps the existing turf by improving the depth and extent of turf grass rooting, allowing better water uptake, enhancing fertilizer use, loosening compacted soil and speeding up thatch breakdown.  The cores are left on […]

When It's Hot & Humid You May Have Rust In Your Lawn

Your grass has a reddish-orange tinge. What’s going on? You’re probably looking at rust disease. You walk across your lawn and your shoes turn reddish-orange. Orange clouds rise up when you mow. Rust can actually adhere to your foot wear and track into the home. Rust infections occur during low light intensity when leaf surfaces […]

Chinch Bugs Causing Damage To Your Lawn?

Chinch bugs thrive in hot, dry weather. Sunny areas are usually the most affected. All common turf grass species in Ontario are susceptible to chinch bug feeding, but some varieties may be more susceptible to chinch bug damage.Дорожка из кирпича своими руками Life History: The adult chinch bug can spend the winter congregated under trees […]

Key Suggestions When Conditions Are Dry

With dry weather, people start wondering what is going on with their brown lawn.  The first thing to realize is that when lawns go brown in the heat of the summer , usually due to lack of rain/water, they are not dead, they are just dormant Letting a lawn go dormant is ok.  The length […]

Your Lawn Basics…Seeding, Fertilizer

Seeding…Песчаник для дорожек If your lawn has bare patches, spot seeding can help.  Even if you tried this in the past, don’t lose hope. What is the source of those bare spots? It’s important to find out what’s causing bare spots.  A patch next to your driveway, an area under a tree, a high traffic […]

Lawn Care Renewals 2014

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