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5 Reasons to Book Your Fall Landscaping NOW

The sun is shining. The temperature’s nice and warm. It’s a perfect summer. And here are 5 reasons it’s also the ideal time to book your fall landscaping projects from Wright Landscape Services. 1. There’s less demand for it Many residential homeowners have gone away for the summer. For those who’ve stayed home, they have […]

Father’s Day Chores We’ll Do For Dad

Right off the bat, Wright Landscape Services would like to wish all the great dads out there a terrific Father’s Day. Not quite sure what to get Dad this year? If he’s always enjoyed being outside, why not give him more time to spend it there with these landscaping chores we’ll be happy to do. […]

Book Your Spring Ground Maintenance with Wright Landscape Services TODAY!

It’s our first blog post of 2016 and we’re already looking ahead to spring. That’s because we’re already booking and scheduling for spring service and maintenance. We’ve never been seen this many bookings this early in the year before. And we want to make sure every home and business can enjoy award-winning landscaping from Wright […]

When Should You Stop Cutting Your Grass?

Myth: Grass stops growing when it’s cold outside Fact: Grass doesn’t stop growing, it just slows down to a crawl as the temperatures drop As long as grass continues to grow at a decent clip, it should be mowed as needed. Of course, as fall approaches, the days become shorter and the temperatures become cooler. […]

Your Fall Landscape Chore Checklist

The kids are back in school. Summer’s just about over and fall is around the corner. Life is about to get busier with school activities and a glut of holidays (can you believe that Thanksgiving is less than a month away?). It’s important to take care of those end-of-the-season landscaping chores that can help protect […]

Flowers to Plant in Autumn for a Spring Bloom

Most residential gardeners are accustomed to doing most of their planting in the springtime because, well, that’s just what you do. But fall is perfectly fine for adding new plants in your garden too. In fact, planting in autumn has unique benefits which just can’t be found during spring planting: Cool air temperatures are easier […]